Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Easter

We had a great Easter weekend! I had Friday off of work so we left Thursday night and headed to the Moog's house up in Santa Clara. We left after doing Charlotte's nighttime routine and she slept for the majority of the trip. We stayed in a hotel which happened to be Charlotte's first hotel stay. It didn't seem to phase her really, she slept just as poorly there as at home. :-) We are still inexperienced travelers with a baby and basically packed everything Charlotte owns, luckily we have a big car. Hopefully as we travel more we will get better about bringing less.

We all loved hanging out with Katie, Jon, Morgan and Zach and can't wait to do it again soon!

Here are the weekend highlights...

Chilling on the hotel bed

 Zach's t-ball game which was so fun and adorable.

Seeing what the Easter Bunny left for Charlotte

Happy Hollow and Charlotte's first Amusement Park ride

 One of the sweetest pictures ever in my opinion

First Petting Zoo experience

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