Saturday, May 28, 2011

7 Months Old

We are now closer to the big birthday than we are to her actual day of birth which is just insane to me. It makes me excited and then feel like crying basically all  in the same second. I wonder if I will ever do a monthly post and not start with saying how fast time has been going. I kind of think not.

The cuteness factor is now in overload. Charlotte can now sit up on her own without tipping and just plays and plays and plays with her toys. Her favorite toy right now is the shape blocks and box that the Easter Bunny brought for her. The blocks are the perfect size for her little hands and one of them is always sticking them in her mouth. She likes to knock over the tower of blocks we build and she also will "bang" the blocks together with one in each hand. It is so cute. She also really likes her bouncer and is getting more into playing with the toys on it as well as bouncing.

We have had some development in the rolling department. Charlotte can roll...with the proper motivation such as the ipod. See...

But Charlotte does not want to roll. She likes to sit up and probably just thinks that rolling is for babies or something. She finds other ways to get to her toys such as stretching and even a little scooting. She tries so hard to crawl but it doesn't quite work yet but soon for sure. :-)

After our busy Easter weekend we have had a pretty low key month just hanging around in town which has been nice. I did have a wonderful lowkey first Mother's Day. We went out to dinner together the night before so we could avoid the crowds and long waits. On Mother's Day Todd and Charlotte got me cards, flowers, and tickets to go see Les Miserable in July. Can't wait!

First Mother's Day

Playing with her favorite toy

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