Friday, July 29, 2011

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spring Photoshoot!

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful cool spring this year (though summer has now come on with a bang) and Todd was able to get some great shots of Charlotte in our front yard.

 My Baldy!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 Months Old!

Now that Charlotte is almost 9 months I guess I should get around to writing about her 8th month.

Charlotte is 8 months old and despite the lack of both hair and any teeth she seems to be learning new things everyday or at least mastering the things she kind of did by accident before.
She now can roll without the huge effort that wore her out just flipping over once before. She hasn't quite figured out that this means she could actually get around the whole house easily (which we don't mind) but has started to roll a few feet out from where we put her.

 It does mean that she now rolls over to her stomach and back in her crib quite often. Once Todd and I got used to this and stopped overreacting and going in to flip her back over to her back (stomach sleeping for little babies is a major no-no that is drilled in to our heads at every turn) we realized not only is she fine sleeping on her stomach but it seems to help because...Charlotte now sleeps!!!!!!!! Not exactly through the night but she goes to sleep without any problems and usually only wakes up to eat once in the night which I can totally handle. It has been heaven. (Sneek peak to month 9...this has gotten even better! ) After waking up basically every hour during month 7 we knew something needed to change and after reading a couple sleep training books we implemented a few suggestions and it worked miraculously easily.  A few tears but after just one night where she only cried for about 5-7 minutes she figured it out. 

Now that she sleeps so well she has plenty of energy for her absolute favorite thing to do which is stand up and walk with assistance. If we are anywhere near her she will grab each of our hands with her own and then insist that we brace her while she stands and then holding onto our hands she likes to walk the house. She is still wobbly of course but she is getting pretty good. I don't know how it's possible but we don't have any pictures of this. That is definitely a first.
Other than that it is just play play play all the many toys so little time!

One last picture of my happy girl! That smile never gets old.