Sunday, November 21, 2010

Charlotte's Room

 Todd and I spent a lot of time on Charlotte's room. We started early before we even knew if she was a boy or a girl but somehow we still didn't completely finish until after she was born. We had decided that we wanted green walls with accent colors depending on if we were having a girl or boy. So the accent colors ended up girly pink and purple. We bought I think a total of 5 or 6 various green paint samples. We painted squares on the walls which I am glad we did because I haven't regretted the color we went with at all and I ALWAYS regret the paint colors I choose. The one we picked was Cucumber by Sherwin Williams.

We decided on white furniture and a crib that can eventally convert to a toddler bed. Because I couldn't stand paying a ridiculous about of money for the dresser/changing table that matched the crib I went online to try to find a changing table that looked okay with the crib. I found out that the manufacturer of the crib makes a more affordable line of furniture sold at Target and Wal-Mart. So was able to get a very similar style changing table for very inexpensive. Woohoo.  

For wall artwork we bought a book of nursery rhymes and cut out and framed the illustrations.

The comfiest chair ever.

This dresser has been in Todd's family for a long time. It had several layers of paint, the most recent being bright primary red and blue. Todd spent hours and hours stripping the paint and repainting it all white. He then cleaned up the original handles. I think it turned out so good. I love it.

Her purple and pink closet with tons of adorable clothes.

I love these bookshelves from Pottery Barn Kids so much and they hold her books perfectly. We hung them low so we could reach them from the chair and when she is older she can reach them too. :-)

Cute pink fan!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hooray I'm One Month Old!

Charlotte is one month old already. We have her one month Doctor appointment on Monday so we will find out then just how much she has grown in the last 3 weeks since her 1 week appointment when she was down about 2 ounces from her birth weight.

Things Charlotte loved in her first month:
Swinging in her swing
Snuggling and Sleeping on Daddy's chest when he gets home from work
Going on walks with Mommy (Taco Bell was her favorite destination of course)
Causing Mommy and Daddy to use multiple diapers during one diaper change
Getting to know Grandmame and Grandpa, Grandma and Papa, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Brian, and cousin Tyler
Learning to follow Mommy and Daddy with her eyes
Staring at the lights on the TV (Ellen is her favorite show)
Lying on Mommy and Daddy's bed and looking up at the contrast between the dark.ceiling fan blades and the white ceiling. It's extra fun when daddy slowly makes it rotate. (Unfortunately Mommy is too short to play this game.)

Things Charlotte can't wait for in month 2:
Meeting Aunt Tessie, Aunt Katie, Uncle Jon, and cousins Morgan and Zach