Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Eat

Wow April sure is a crazy month for birthdays! In the midst of all that celebrating Charlotte began solid foods! It's unbelievable that she is old enough for this but she is and she mainly enjoys her new food. She doesn't eat much yet but we have tried a few different items so far. I have been making her food from fresh fruit and veggies, cooking, pureeing and then freezing them to have them on hand when needed. It's really easy and I enjoy doing it and it should save money avoiding all the jars of food.

We began with a little rice cereal for the first feeding. She couldn't quite figure out what we wanted her to do with it and spit it all out again.
 She was excited about it and thought it was a good game we were playing. We tried the cereal for a few more days with the same results.

We figured since the cereal wasn't a huge success we would try some of the butternut squash and she loved it! Eating it all up without a problem. After a few days of that we tried some sweet potato which she also liked.
Yesterday and today I tried avocado which didn't go over as well. She ate some but not all of it. Hopefully she will learn to like it better because it is so healthy for her.

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  1. She looks so much like you as a baby, sister! Giant smile and all! Miss you guys.