Monday, March 28, 2011

5 months old

Charlotte is now 5 months old. Looking back on this month it seems kind of a blur and I am having a bit of trouble remembering what went on. We have been getting into a fairly loose routine that allows me to get ready for work, feed, and hang out with Charlotte before leaving for work. It's quite a change for someone who has always woken up like 25 minutes before having to rush out the door but it's definitely worth it. She is just so entertaining and sweet. She smiles all the time at all our crazy antics and songs. She laughs more too and we will do anything to get that laugh!

I think that this past month Charlotte has pretty much just advanced in all the new things she did last month. She plays more with her toys and really seems to enjoy them, especially if she can stick them in her mouth. If she doesn't have a toy to stick in there then she has her fingers or as of the last week or so her toes. She definitely discovered her feet and now is able to get all 5 toes and most of a foot in her mouth. It's so funny and actually keeps her entertained for a really long time. 

Besides her toys she loves patty-cake, Pony Girl, Take Me Out to the Ballgame (where we always root root root for the Padres although we live in Dodger country), and Old McDonald.

All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day

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