Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Months Old

Charlotte is three months old and getting more and more fun everyday. She has left that newborn stage behind and definitely seems more baby-like if that makes sense.  She smiles all the time now and definitely recognizes Mom and Dad. She will turn her head towards us when we are talking to her and calling her name. We haven't heard any real laughs yet but we have heard a few happy squeals that seem like they are an attempt at laughter. Two new things this month are definitely the increase in drool and spit up - both coming on with full force. Not so fun. 

We moved Charlotte to her crib in her own room and it miraculously inceased the length of time she slept at night. She has been averaging a 5-7 hour stretch after we put her to bed and then eating and then sleeping for another 2ish hours. After waking up every 1.5-2 hours this new sleep schedule makes us extremely happy.

We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month but we did a rough measuring and weighing and we guess she is about 24 inches long and just over 12 pounds.

Things Charlotte enjoyed in her Third Month:
Her very first Christmas with visits from Grandpa, Grandmame, and Aunt Tessie

Opening her presents
Family Pic
Opening presents is exhausting

Talking loudly (In addition to gaaa she has added gew, gu, and ayayayayayayay)

Sucking on her hands

Sucking on Sophie the Giraffe

Sitting in her new seat from Grandmame and Grandpa

Going on her first picnic at the park (pictures to come in another post)

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

Things Charlotte is looking forward to in month 4:
First trip to SAN DIEGO!!!!