Friday, December 31, 2010

I crave London!

I must interupt the Charlotte extravanga because one year ago today Tess and I left on our wonderful (and freezing) trip to London and Paris. I have never been so cold as I was during that trip but it was awesome none the less. It was the perfect way to kick off 2010 (and in 2011 I look forward to finally being able to wear all the clothes I bought in London! :-) Here is a recap of our adventure...

This is Trafalgar Square on New Years Day.

Sunset on The Thames

Yeah for Big Ben

 Afternoon Tea at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens

Twelfth Night by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Day trip to Oxford to visit Tess' stomping ground during her summer at BADA

Balliol College (where Tess studied)

Christ Church College

Stairs where scenes from Harry Potter were filmed

Picture taken by the racist worker at Christ Church.

Harry Potter Great Hall!

Off to Paris on the Eurostar

The best part of the Metro is the signs (the actual Metro is gross and smells like urine). This was very disappointing for me because I have such a love of The Tube in London!

Beautiful Sacre Coeur
 La Tour Eiffel a nuit
 It Sparkles!!!

Notre Dame
 Inside Notre Dame was so beautiful. I wish the photos I took captured the incredible stained glass.

 Musee d'Orsay
 My favorite painting by Renoir in person!!!

Snow in Versailles (the coldest I have ever been by far)
 Hall of Mirrors
 Unfortunately the fountains weren't running because well...they were frozen solid. Someday I would like to go back when the gardens are in bloom and all the fountains are running. I bet it is amazing!

La Louvre

La Tour Eiffel again

Notre Dame a nuit...Beautiful!

Back to was iffy if we would make it back through the Chunnel but we did and this is the view of the English snowcovered countryside from the train.
 Snow covered Hyde Park
 Our final night we went to see Billy Elliot which was amazing.
 Mmmm cider... I think this turned out to be my last drink until two months ago for obvious reasons ;-)

As the title of this post says I crave London. It's weird but I do. I will be back someday.